Environmental Statement

Whilst being committed to providing the very highest level of service to its customers, Kingston Maintenance Ltd recognises that it has environmental responsibilities and as such, is committed to managing its activities, wherever practicable, to minimise the effect on the environment.

Kingston Maintenance Ltd will therefore identify any risk of pollution arising from any of its activities and eliminate the pollution or ensure that controls are in place to meet all regulatory requirements.

Kingston Maintenance Ltd will ensure the minimal use of materials, resources and energy and will reduce, to the lowest practicable level, the volume of waste generated by its day-to-day activities.

All employees of Kingston Maintenance Ltd will be made fully aware of its commitment to the environment and will receive sufficient training, information and instruction to allow Kingston Maintenance Ltd to meet this commitment.

Kingston Maintenance Ltd will seek, wherever practicable, to ensure that products and services supplied to it are done so by persons or companies who can demonstrate equal environmental responsibility.

Why choose us.

  • Each service we provide is delivered to the highest standard in safety, quality and knowledge.
  • We pride ourselves on our workmanship and excellent service standards utilizing our biggest asset - our employees.